Modern Designer Italian Leather Corner Sofa Styles

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Diversity of products – Diversity of nations – Diversity of information

Diversity of products – Diversity of nations – Diversity of information
High-end designer furniture, classic lifestyles, trendy accessories: the imm cologne showcased a comprehensive selection of furniture and furnishings. From “imm pure” to “imm basic,” the product range is clearly deviced uo into segments. This international furnishing show is the global market and meeting place for the international furniture sector — at the 2009 fair 1,057 exhibitors from 49 countries will be present. As the sector’s business event, trend barometer, international communication forum and centre for creative ideas, the imm cologne and all of its events generated strong momentum for the interior design of tomorrow.

Interior trends for 2009

What interior trends will be dominant in 2009? Answers are provided by the trend forum “informed by cologne”. In various lectures on color & light, form, function, pattern and material, participants can take a glance at the future of interior design. Moreover, an exhibition on the fair’s Boulevard introduces the four megatrends:

· Extra Much: Ardor and extremes are popular here. Searching for limits with regard to materials, shapes and construction is a dominant feature.

· Near and Far: Nature with its complex and interrelated macro- and microstructure acts as ideal example. Seemingly opposite features are combined.

· Tepee Culture: The nomad roots of mankind and being close to nature are central features. Direct, unmediated experiences, of which cracks and scratches give evidence, are highly valued.

· Re-Run Time: Matters of course are more important than originality. Well-known objects are re-valued. Traditional shapes are refined by reducing them to their essence so that the basic idea shines through again.

The Trendbook 2009 has been compiled by the trend board, which was summoned by the imm cologne. This time, the international expert committee consisted of New York designer Stephen Burks, architect Eero Koivisto from Stockholm, design journalist Marcus Fairs from London and the Italian designer and textile expert Giulio Rodolfo from Udine.

The four megatrends are introduced in detail in the Trendbook 2009, which can be bought directly at the fair’s trend forum.

Milan furniture fair 2009: Best in show

Designer Ferruccio Laviani captured the tension between neo-Rococo decoration and 21st century Italian minimalism in the Evolution credenza for the Italian manufacturer Emmemobili. One end is an intricately carved bombe chest with ball and claw feet. The highly detailed ornamentation dissolves into a sleek cabinet with brushed brass handles.
credenza by Emmemobili.

credenza by Emmemobili.

The Feeler lamp by Pudelskern is sheathed in hand-knit Tyrolean wool. It can be hung as a pendant light or used as a floor lamp with a metal spine to hold it upright. The company, which exhibited in the Satellite division of the Milan furniture fair, also showed knit pendant lamps — a popular item this year.


The global recession, one might expect inspiration and innovation to be in short supply at the world’s most important home furnishings show, which closed April 27. Yet the 2009 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, where top designers showcased their latest looks, offered proof that lean times can inspire fresh thinking.

Inspired by Maori legends, New Zealand designer David Trubridge created pendulous lighting fixtures that look like giant water droplets suspended in baskets made from aluminum, sanded plastic and bamboo plywood.

In Milan, high style trumps a down economy
Designers look to clean and classic forms for furnishings with staying power.
From Milan, Italy — GIVEN the demands of the global recession, one might expect inspiration and innovation to be in short supply at the world’s most important home furnishings show, which closed here Monday. Yet the 2009 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, where top designers showcased their latest looks, offered proof that lean times can inspire fresh thinking.

More than 2,700 manufacturers launched collections to more than 300,000 showgoers at the Milan Fairgrounds and at independent exhibitions all over the city, including the trendy Tortona neighborhood. Though some pieces — clearly in development before the recession — seemed indulgently luxurious, many were in step with the times, aiming to be sensible and sustainable despite the downturn.
It forces you to become more thoughtful and creative, to make things that will have lasting value,” Spanish designer Jaime Hayon said.

Added Italian designer Paola Navone, the artistic director of Gervasoni, “This is not the time for ostentatious things, which I hate.”

The recent wave of neo-Rococo furniture is ebbing as designers embrace lean, clean shapes in natural wood, colored felt and quilted fabric that took cues from minimalist Italian design and Scandinavian modern. Plastic was huge and so was lighting.

Butterfly chairs flew back indoors, as did lightweight leather sling chairs. Deer and birds went back into the woods, replaced as decorative motifs by rabbits and robots, of all things. Turquoise, a color that Navone called happy and optimistic, was everywhere. For accent pieces, yellow and purple reigned.
B & B Italia

B & B Italia
Patricia Urquiola premiered no less than three collections of outdoor furniture for B & B Italia, including the Crinoline outdoor lounge chair, woven in all-weather wicker with fanciful floral fretwork on the canopy back.

Showcasing your living room with a Italian leather sofa

Show casing your living room with a Italian leather sofa
The Living room should showcase your design and taste. Living room furniture comprises of designer sofas, corner sofas and Italian leather sofas. So always design and prepare your budget when you go about adorning your living room, since it is easy to cross your limits while spending.

Italian leather sofas - A Brown Corner Sofa

Italian leather sofas - A Brown Corner Sofa

The living room seating should be based on the room’s size. But only after you get the accurate measurement of the room, should you finalize on the size of the living-room Sofa for your living room. If there is adequate space at the corner, you can place a corner sofa. But if there is hardly any space, a regular leather sofa along with ornamental stands and plants improves the look of the living room.

While purchasing, ensure the color of the walls should blend with the color of the leather sofa or at least the shades should match that of the furniture. Find out the warranty available on the Italian leather sofa, particularly on designer leather sofas. You can always get good bargains at a clearance sale. Another essential aspect of improving the appearance of your living room furniture is the lighting. Proper lighting will give the room a calming look.

Placing decorative corners enhances not only the room but also its furniture. Cleaning is very important, so always vacuum the sofas, carpets and curtains once every month at least. To improve the appearance of the living room, you can hang matching paintings on the wall.

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Ultra Couture Design

Living room decoration should take into account your taste and your personality. Here are a few tips for decorating the living room.

1. To make the room more comfortable and warm, use throw pillows. They can lighten a living room by making it more colorful.

2. The seating places of a living room can be improved by using area rugs. With area rugs, you can hide unappealing parts in your floor and the carpet can be hidden. If your room is big, you can use these area rugs to identify multiple seating areas.

3. Benefit from a wide range of options while choosing the living room furniture, if the walls of your living room have pale or light shades like beige or white.

4. The best option for the living room is the layered lighting plan; as it is very simple to identify the reading or seating area easily with this kind of lighting. Whenever there is an occasional family get-together, opt for uniform lighting and disco lighting for parties.

5. Another unique feature of contemporary living rooms is Italian leather sofas, Corner sofas which is fast becoming popular.

6. There can be bookcases having storage facilities for DVD’s and other goods.

7. Curtains, blinds, plant stands, ottomans, furnishings, cushions, are very useful in adding color, design and pattern to the room’s decoration.

Buying Italian Leather Sofas Online is Simple

Buying Italian Leather Sofas Online is Simple

The Vasco Sectional Sofa in luxury Italian Aniline leather

The Vasco Sectional Sofa in luxury Italian Aniline leather

The ease of shopping online does not stop at larger items. In fact, shopping online for your Italian leather sofa can save you a great deal of time and energy while you are still browsing since there are not the numerous stops at stores just to find they don’t have what you are looking for. Online sites off pictures of various items for you to determine what you like. Many even offer a room planning guide and diagrams of various arrangements to make your planning even easier.

The Vasco Corner sofa in Snow White - Dressed in Italian Aniline leather

The Vasco Corner sofa in Snow White - Dressed in Italian Aniline leather

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping online for your new Italian leather sofa.

1. Make a decision What You Need


Decide how much you can afford to spend on your leather sofa. Keep in mind that lower end sofas will cost around £700 while hand built leather sofas will run £3500 or higher.

Interior decoration

Decide the style you want to use in your space. Italian Leather sofas come in contemporary to traditional with many styles in between. A lighter, more sleek contemporary leather sofa may be a little less expensive since it will use less material than a heavier traditional leather sofa. Of course, the brand will also determine if that is the case.

Lifestyle needs

Decide if you need a sofa with a recliner to enhance your relaxation or a Corner Sofa to offer the convenience of more space. Maybe you need something extra durable because you have children and pets. Keep in mind that designer Italian leather sofas will cost a little more because of the extra craftsmanship that goes into the construction.

The Vasco Corner sofa in Night Black - Dressed in Italian Aniline leather

The Vasco Corner sofa in Night Black - Dressed in Italian Aniline leather


Write down the exact size of the space you have so you can quickly scan over leather sofas that are not suited to your amount of space.

2. Surf to Make Informed Decisions


Note the frame construction that is usually given in the descriptions. Whether it’s a metal frame or wood, it will need to be sturdy. Avoid frames made of plastic, plywood, or particleboard since they will be more likely to warp or crack. Instead, go for hardwood frames made of maple or oak.

Upholstery grades & types

Use the information you’ve learned earlier in the article about the types of leather used to test whether it is soft and supple top-grain or stiffer split grain. Depending on your lifestyle, it may be important to choose the sturdier leather for longer wear under tougher conditions.

Cushion Quality

Note what the cushions are filled with. Go with blown fiber, polyurethane foam, or fibrefill that has at least a 1.8 lb. per cubic feet of density. This will help the cushions keep their shape and firmness with wear.

Springs system

The more expensive leather sofas will have hand-tied springs, which will give a nice even foundation. However, if your budget needs to cut a corner or two, the sinuous or preassembled coils can be just as comfortable as long as there are many tightly packed to give a firm spring action.

3. BuyingOnline

Do your home work?

Use the Who is ( to research if the company has had any complaints against them. If you are shopping on an online auction site, research the seller’s ratings on the site. Always get a name and physical address to do your research.

Hidden Fees or additional costs

Pay attention to shipping charges. You may find that one will offer free shipping for the exact same leather sofa, which could save you a great deal of money. Also note their delivery method and schedule.

On-line Security

Use only secure pages to make your payment for your online purchase. The first part of the URL should change to “shttp” or “https” to indicate encryption use. Using a credit card is safer if you need to dispute a fraudulent charge later. Make sure to print your receipt and keep all packing invoices that arrive with your leather sofa. Beware of any e-mails or calls that say there is an error in your order. You should not have to provide them with any information that they should already have if it is a legitimate call.

Buying a Italian leather sofa online is as easy as 1-2-3. Just use wise shopping savvy to avoid scams and make sure to research the product. If you are not absolutely comfortable with making the final purchase online, most sites will have a store locator so that you can go and inspect the leather sofa in person, but still save yourself the trouble of browsing in person.

Ultra Couture Design has worked on many decorating projects in apartments, Bars, and mansions. In their line of work, they provided potential sofa buyers with a colorfully illustrated gallery of the latest sofa designs in the market and key tips in finding the right sofa. For more information on Italian leather soafs, come visit them on their site at

Italian Designer Leather Sofas – Quality Custom Handcrafted Leather or Fabric Sofas

Quality Handcrafted Italian Leather Sofa, 2 Piece Italian leather sofa Suite, 3 Piece Italian leather sofa Suite, Leather Settees.

Custom Designed for You

Quality Handcrafted Italian leather Sofas, Leather Settees, Designer Sofas. A selection of tailored – made to order.
Favour a White leather Sofa, a Black leather corner sofa, or a Red Italian leather Settee Custom designed for You.

Now you can have elegant, high-quality handcrafted Italian leather or Fabric Sofas built and made to fit your home, décor and lifestyle “exactly” the way you want, without sacrificing the comfort and functionality you require.

You no longer have to search through the blah inventory of retail stores only to settle for a piece of everyday generic production sofas made to fit someone else’s average home!

Now you can shop from your home and have quality handcrafed Designer Italian Leather Sofa, 2 Piece Italian leather sofa Suite, 3 Piece Italian leather sofa Suite, Italian Leather Settees. A truly stunning Italian Leather Sofa, and accessories made just for you.

Any style, Any shape, Any size.
Any color, Any finish.
Made from any type of Italina Leather.

crafted to your EXACT specifications!

Made to match your décor.
Finished to complement your present furniture or to be the focal point of any room!

Plain and simple.
Made the way YOU want!

Designer Italain leather Sofas
you’ll love and cherish for years to come.

Your custom bespoke sofa – high quality handcrafed Designer Italian Leather Sofa, 2 Piece Italian leather sofa Suite, 3 Piece Italian leather sofa Suite, Leather Settees.
Personalized – Made to fit your unique individual taste; your own work-of-art.

Durable Leather sofas – Built to last and perform the way you expect a quality Designer Sofa to.

Totally “Customizable” Italian hand made Leather Sofas so you can now have that impossible-to-find Italian Leather Sofa.

Elegant Leather Sofas, Designer Sofas, in design yet crafted with all the functionality you require.

Standard size Italian Leather Sofa, oversized Designer Sofa or undersized Leather Sofa – made to fit you for maximum comfort.

Simply breathtaking Italian Leather Sofas with unsurpassed natural beauty to enhance your

Leather Sofas you’ll be proud to show-off; that exudes an air of quality
and excellence reflected in you. Built by experienced craftsman
using time-honored techniques to give you the high quality standards
you expect and deserve.

Get what you want and get it right the first time! Don’t settle
for something that doesn’t meet your needs. Take this special
opportunity to have an expert craft you a Italian Leather Sofa, 3 Piece Italian leather Sofa, 2 Piece Italian leather Sofa, Designer Sofas, Corner Sofas, Leather Settees. Quality which makes a statement about you and your home.


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